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Our meetings are designed for people over 50 with a minimum of $100,000 of investable assets, not including your home or real estate. If you do not yet have our minimum, please keep us in mind as your assets continue to grow.

Meet With An Advisor

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Fox Business

Ken Moraif argues that "Buy and Hold" is a flawed strategy.
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Financial & Retirement Planning

Your retirement should be your second childhood without parental supervision.

You should enjoy yourself -- go play, travel, have fun! Stay out late!

To do that you must have a solid financial plan that you have confidence in. Have you ever seen change like we are experiencing now? Have you ever seen deficits like we are running? Markets so volatile? The future so insecure?

If you are concerned about your financial security, please sign up for Ken's next seminar. It's designed for those of you who are at the average retirement age, which is over the age of 50.  You will also get to enjoy some of the now World Famous Oatmeal Raisin and Chocolate Chunk Cookies!

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Could This Actually Happen?

Market Alert November 19th, 2017: Could This Actually Happen?

  • Our two goals for our clients are for them to have financial peace of mind and for their money to last as long as they do.
  • Our investment philosophy of Buy Hold and Sell is designed to give us unlimited upside with a tolerable downside.
  • Tax Reform has passed the first hurdle, and the Stock Market reacted.
  • We continue to stand by our fearless forecast of Dow 25,000 sometime early next year.
  • While we remain optimistic, we must always remain vigilant as well.
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Plan For Long Term Care The Right Way

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NERDWALLET, INC. - Yes, You Need a 401(k) in Your 20s — Here’s Why

Habits developed at a young age can last a lifetime. ...and it’s all thanks to some advice from his mother. “She told me to save 20% of my gross salary — that was the rule," - Ken Moraif

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November 25th, 2017

1) Buy The Dip!
2) 10 Basics Of Investing
3) Why Wait Until 70 To Take Social Security
4) The Noah's Arc Project
5) Estate Tip: The Living Trust
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How to Enjoy a Higher Cost of Living, Guilt-Free

Few of us are fortunate enough to have a steady source of retirement income, so we need to take money from our investments, and to base our cost of living expenses on the amount we can draw. Luckily, the stock market has done phenomenally well lately. I hope that means your investments have also done quite well and if so, that you are able to increase the amount you are taking from your investments without feeling a pinch.

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