While researching organizations that have been going strong for decades, I found that most of them had something in common: they all identify and adhere to their core values. Last week, I wrote about some of our values here at Money Matters, not simply to tell you what we believe, but also because I think the lessons these values teach can apply to your financial and personal life. I’d like to share a few more of them today:

We believe that if a client calls us, we lost. We want to be proactive, which includes communicating with our clients. If a client calls us about a change in the market or something else we knew about in advance, we lost. We did not do our job, which is to serve our clients. I may be the CEO of our firm, but I feel like the employee of every person at Money Matters. I’m here to facilitate them, to help them do the very best job they can. And we all staff feel the same way about our clients: we are here to help them have the best financial life possible, and that begins with communication.

This value can translate to your life. Keep people informed. If someone who relies on you calls and says, “Hey, what’s going on with (fill in the blank)?”—you lost. By keeping on top of communication, I believe you can build trust; give your co-workers, friends, and family peace of mind; and make yourself happier in the process.

We also want to make a client every day. Does that mean selling something to a new person? Partly. Of course, we want to engage new clients. We want anyone who comes in to talk to us to choose to work with us. But this core value has a broader context. Whenever we visit with a current client, we also want them to believe they made the right decision in choosing us.

My wife and I have been married for nearly 33 years. I aim to make her my client every day, to let her know that I love her and don’t take her for granted. You can do the same with your family, your friends, and your business associates. Make them clients every day. Don’t take anyone for granted.

We at Money Matters live by these core values, and I think they can contribute to a happy and successful life for all of us. I’ll write about a few more next week. I hope you find them useful tools for building something that endures.