Transcript: Well the market showed us once again how quickly it can change its mind and go south and how rapidly it can go south, so we thought that this video would be appropriate to kind of give you our perspective on what’s going and why this happened. Essentially it is, in our view, a result of the Federal Reserve having raised interest rates to the point where now interest-bearing securities have a high enough interest rate that they’re actually becoming attractive relative to the stock market. Also, as interest rates go up, it squeezes profits that companies make, because they borrow money to do business, etc., and their borrowing costs go up. It also affects consumers when they want to buy houses and cars and those kinds of things, and they want to borrow the money to do that. So all of that kind of things are affected by rising interest rates, and so if rates rise, it slows all that activity down, and therefore the market is reacting to that. In addition, we have the overhang that it looks like China is not coming to the table at this point. We think they will, but right now it looks like they’re not, and there is beginning to be some concern creeping into the psyche of the market that this could actually devolve into a really bad trade war with China, which would be a bad thing. So the risk appetite for investors basically was reduced, and the market had had a good quarter, of course, as we know the last quarter was one of the best quarters we’ve had in many years, a so because of that, we saw some profit taking. This morning, I was on the TD Ameritrade Television Network and they asked me, they said with rising interest rates, it could cause the market to go down. This was before this big drop all happened, and did I think that that would create a bear market and the answer I gave was that what you always want to look at is the strength of the economy, and the example that we’ve used in the past is the escalator and the yo-yo. The escalator is the direction of the economy, the strength of the economy which is translated into the strength of corporate profits. If the escalator is going up and the yo-yo is the stock market that you’re playing with while you’re riding on the escalator, so the fact that the yo-yo went down today is less important than what is the escalator that we’re riding on doing. Is it going up or down? If it’s rising, a down yo-yo will go back up again and it will be higher later than it was today. If it’s a down escalator, then of course, the next down will be lower, so you want to look at the escalator, and right now the strength of the economy is very evident. The jobs numbers, consumer confidence, a lot of other things point to what we believe is a very strong economy, and therefore, the answer that I gave was that in a rising and straight environment, most likely when you have a down in the market, it’s going to be in the correction territory and not the bear market which is usually driven by recessions, so as bad as this drop was and as attention-getting as it is, and of course all the headlines and everything else, we don’t believe that this is the beginning of a recession, and therefore the beginning of a bear market and anything for us to panic and react to. We did want to get this video out to you as soon as possible so that you could have some peace of mind that we’re on it, we’re watching it for you, but it’s not something at this point for us to be overly concerned about. We hope you’re enjoying yourself and life is treating you the best that it can, and you and yours are all healthy and happy, and we wish you all the best, and thank you.