Market Alert January 5th, 2019: Each New Low Has Been Lower Than the Previous One

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  • China is Slowing Down.
  • Jobs “Blowout” Expectations.
  • Federal Reserve “Not on a Preset Course.”
  • Warning: Each New Low Has Been Lower Than the Previous Low.

China is Slowing Down.

On Thursday, January 3, 2019, news that the Chinese economy was slowing down faster than at first thought helped drive the Dow down by more than 600 points.

Many of the emerging economies in Asia are dependent on the Chinese economy for their growth. If China falls into recession, it is very likely that it will take down many countries with it.

Given that the global economy seemed to be slowing down already, this was a very disturbing data point in our view.

Jobs “Blowout” Expectations.

According to the Labor Department, the U.S. economy added 312,000 jobs in December 2018. This was far greater than the 148,000 jobs expected by a survey of economists by Bloomberg.

While strong jobs numbers are almost always good news, they are a lagging indicator. You may remember that the jobs numbers looked pretty good in 2007, when we hit our sell signal. Employment tends to peak just before a new recession.

Federal Reserve “Not on a Preset Course.”

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said he’s “flexible about future monetary policy moves.”

In his remarks about the economy and monetary policy, Powell attempted to calm the financial markets by saying that the Fed wasn’t going to push interest rates higher or shrink the balance sheet regardless of the cost.

Monetary policy “was not on a preset course,” he said.

His efforts succeeded as the S&P 500 Index and the Dow went up after his pronouncements.

Warning: Each New Low Has Been Lower Than the Previous Low.

If you look at the one-year chart of the S&P 500 index above, you will note that since October 2018, each new low has been lower than the previous low. This is classic bear market behavior.

We shall see where all of this goes over time, but the trend is down despite the very attention-getting up days that we have seen. We must remain cautious and not let what happens on a single day cause us to overreact.

If you are still interested in equities, we encourage you to come in and visit with us, and discuss whether or not you are taking on too much risk.

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We Are Thankful That We Made Our Sell Recommendation on December 17, 2018.

Our strategy enabled us to participate in the upside as long as it lasted, and it also got us out of equities with tolerable losses when the trend changed.

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