Market Alert December 23rd, 2018: Investors, You Have Been Warned!

As a firm that specializes in Retirement Planning, our two goals for you are:

  1. For you to have Financial Peace of Mind and
  2. For Your Money to Last As Long As You Do

Our investment philosophy of Buy, Hold, and SELL! is designed to give us Unlimited Upside with a Tolerable Downside.

  • The Dow Jones Industrials Fell by Almost 1,400 Points after Our Sell, Which Is about 5%, in Four Days.
  • Expect Next Week to Be an Up Week in the Dow and the S&P 500 Index, but Don’t Be Fooled.
  • Issues Still Facing Worried Equity Investors Are China Tariffs, Government Shutdown, Higher Interest Rates, Declining Real Estate Market, Etc., Etc.
  • If This Turns Out to Be a Bear Market and We Don’t Have a Recession, Expect This Bear Market to Last Seven Months, According to Ned Davis Research.

All we can say is that we are so glad we had our Buy, Hold, & SELL! Strategy in place. We are thankful that we have a sell strategy. Without it, we would be having sleepless nights AND losing money.

Our strategy enabled us to participate in the upside as long as it lasted and it is also got us out of equities with tolerable losses when the trend changed.

And boy did it!

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The Dow Jones Industrials Fell by Almost 1,400 points after Our Sell, Which Is about 5%, in Four Days.

This is shaping up to be one of the worst Decembers in many years for the equity markets. The financial and political news seems to be nothing but bad.

Expect Next Week to Be an Up Week in the Dow and the S&P 500 Index, but Don’t Be Fooled.

Given the amount of selling that we saw last week, we would expect there to be some investors who feel that there are bargains to be found. This could result in an up week for the stock markets. We feel that people who engage in this behavior will be exhibiting the classic “catching falling knives,” which usually doesn’t end well.

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Issues Still Facing Worried Equity Investor Are China Tariffs, Government Shutdown, Higher Interest Rates, Declining Real Estate Market, Etc., Etc.

The headline-making issues are the China tariff negotiations and the government shutdown. While both of these issues are certainly very important, and if not resolved positively, could result in damage to our economy, and therefore, to our stock markets, we believe both of these concerns will be resolved within the next month.

The one that causes us the most concern is the Federal Reserve raising interest rates in a period where the global economy is slowing down rapidly because of rising interest rates. In our view, they are focusing too much on the domestic economy and not considering that as we raise interest rates, the dollar strengthens, and the global debt denominated in dollars becomes more expensive to pay back and more expensive to service.

We believe that this is the greatest risk that the global economy faces because many countries are very deeply in debt and just one sovereign default could start a domino effect like what we saw in 2008.

Peter Schiff, the chief executive of Euro Pacific Capital, said it as well as we could: “This isn’t a bear market,” he says. “We’re in a house of cards that the Fed built.”

With almost a decade of free money, the Federal Reserve has rewarded the use of debt, and consequently, global debt has exploded to levels never seen in the history of humankind. Below is the latest chart from the Institute of International Finance (IIF) from 2016. We know that the global debt has increased dramatically in the last two years, making the problem even worse.

If This Turns Out to Be a Bear Market and We Don’t Have a Recession, expect This Bear Market to Last Seven Months, According to Ned Davis Research.

Despite everything, the U.S. economy still appears to be strong, and it is possible that we could have a bear market while not having a recession. Should this be the case, the average non-recessionary bear market in the S&P 500 index lasts about seven months, according to Ned Davis research.

A listener to our radio show asked, “If the bear market only last seven months, then why worry?” Our response to that is a tornado only lasts about 15 minutes. It is not the duration of the storm that is worrisome, it is how much damage is done and how long it takes to recover from it.

Y2K for example, was a non-recessionary bear market as there were not two consecutive quarters of negative growth, but the S&P 500 Index fell 57%, and there was almost a seven-year gap between the peak in 2000 and the new peak in 2007.

Clients who followed our lead were out of the Stock market during the great market crash of 2008.

Source: Standard & Poor’s

We believe that the risk that we have today is different than anything we have had in history.

The hundreds of trillions of dollars of global debt is putting a significant strain on government’s ability to do anything about a recession. In fact, we see all of this debt exacerbating the effects of an economic slowdown. The worst recessions that we have had around the world have mostly been the results of governments taking on too much debt.

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