Transcript: We are closed today in observance of the day of mourning for the death of President Bush.  We hope that both political sides can come together on this day and perhaps we can plant the seed for some more civil discourse going forward between the two political sides.  That would be nice, would it not?

We hope that you are having peace of mind and that you are well today. Yesterday, as you know, the Dow went down 800 points, and we wanted to let you know that we did not reach our sale signal. So, we’re not there yet.  We are closer, but we’re not there yet. We may certainly reach it in the next few days.  However, we don’t think we will, and we did want to let you know that.

So, on this day of mourning, on this sad day as we think back on the life of President Bush, we wish all of you the very best to your family and to you, and we hope that you have peace of mind despite all of this market volatility.